Free Cancer Care

Summary of Qualifications

Jai Wiske PT (ATC, CSCS)

● PORI (Physiological Oncology Rehab Institute) 44 CEUs, April 24-29, 2018 Denver, CO
Foundations in Oncology Rehab, and Chemotoxity and Cancer Exercise Mgmt
● Owner (5 clinics), and Director/ Clinical Instructor (12 clinics), as well as a clinician for a
variety of PT clinics—with a Pilates emphasis in my last owned clinic
● Number One in Customer Service Worldwide (over 2200 clinics) as Clinic Director in
Kauai (also doubling patient census/profits) (2001)
● Licensed Physical Therapist (PT), prior (ATC-Athletic Trainer Certified) and
(CSCS-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
● Managed patient rehabilitation for world renowned Orthopedic Surgeons (Dr. Arthur Ting,
Dr. Warren King)
● 30 year therapist treating 20,000+ patients of all ages & diagnoses: including Olympians,
Professionals, world champions, pediatrics, children, adults (age 18 -100).
● Pilates and Yoga Certified Instructor – Produced 4 DVD’s on Pilates and Yoga—one played
daily on Kauai Public Television
● Manager of multiple locations responsible for staffing, finances, communication for a variety
of employees and customers
● Profitability- All locations improved financially, some doubling/tripling census and income
● Trained in all aspects of Wellness including McKenzie, Orthotic therapy, aquatic exercise, &
Feldenkrais techniques, Athletic Strength and Conditioning, for all ages and levels of health


* Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy – 1989
University of Wisconsin at Madison – Madison, Wisconsin
* 2 years pre-Physical Therapy Academic Coursework
University of Notre Dame – South Bend, Indiana
* Sports Medicine Coursework
University of Tulane – New Orleans, Louisiana
Licenses: Current for – CA, HI, AZ NPI #1255465647 – Effective date: 3/15/07
Certifications: Yoga Instructor – National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) 2009
Pilates Instructor – Spring Training, Palo Alto, CA 2002
Athletic Trainer Certified (ATC) – NATA Board of Certification, Inc. 1994-1999
Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) –National Strength and Conditioning Assoc (NSCA) 1994-1999