Free Cancer Care

My Story

My story is remarkable, and I bet if you are a cancer patient then yours is too. For my details, just click on the links IN BLUE.

According to medical science there is no way I should be alive- See Health History

  1. My recovery is amazing- See Videos
  2. I am also a highly trained medical professional- See Credentials
  3. Only three months after being released from the hospital I completed 44 CEU’s of advanced education in cancer for medical professionals.- See PORI
  4. I learned that cancer patients are under-served in healthcare. The “missing link“ for cancer patients is therapy. Insurance will pay for therapy- See Free Therapy.
  5. Financial losses due to cancer can be as devastating as the physical losses. I am still in debt from cancer. That is why I emphasize free ways of healing. See – Financial losses due to cancer.
  6. As a lifetime physical therapist, I know the simple, free, pain-free, natural, universal ways of healing that are available to us all- See Chapter One.
  7. Further, as a certified instructor in Pilates and yoga I am able to modify these exercises for bedbound, sitting, standing which is ideal for cancer patients, as well as everyone! – See Videos.
  8. The basic hatha yoga exercises were taught to me by the Hindu monks of Kauai-  See Spiritual Friends.
  9. My life, and this website are available today because of Paramahansa Yogananda-  See Autobiography of a Yogi.
  10. Faith is essential to my healing, and yours. See – SRF Homepage
  11. I daily practice the energization exercises available through the lessons- See Lessons and Energization Exercises.
  12. Today, I am glad to be alive. The teachings available on are free like daylight to all who are willing to receive. The journey to healing is available to us all, and it’s free!

Help yourSelf or your loved one today! Forward any of this information to anyone with a cancer diagnosis. Have a great day! — Jai

Jai Wiske is a practicing member of Self Realization Fellowship (Kriyaban since 2000)