Free Cancer Care

Financial Losses due to Cancer Treatment

Globally the cost is incalculable. Add to this the loss of quality of life. Additionally, many cancer survivors never return to their prior level of function or work. Notably, the “best practice” treatments include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy/prescription medicines, often referred to as “cut, burn, poison.” These treatments are often not available or affordable for people world wide.

In my individual case my family (kudos to my sister Sue Weiske) insisted I receive the best available cancer care. My treatment costs amounted to millions of dollars. Chemotherapy, radiation, hospital/snf patient stays, dialysis, blood transfusions, and special testing all added to my bill. Best available insurance plans will pay 90% of care. 10% of millions amounts to $200,000+. Even well financed families would struggle with the cost. I am still in debt from my cancer. I am absolutely grateful that I am alive, and daily remind myself that I am just 1 of 20 million people with cancer in the USA today. 

Alternatively, Medicaid paid national programs require the patient to have zero assets. This leaves the recovering cancer survivor with broken finances, broken bodys, and a broken spirit. The lack of available (worldwide) services and the exorbitant costs of treatment prompted me to write my handbook for Cancer Survivors. Available to all and rarely practised well, are the universally free, natural ways to heal body, mind, and spirit.

This “no cost” approach makes sense, especially for survivors of cancer. Our willingness to actually practice the natural free basics of healing is the only limiting factor to our continued healthy survival.

Insurance will pay for Cancer patients to receive Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. Physicians often neglect to send the cancer patient to therapy.