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Dedicated to Paramahansa Yogananda

Chapter 1 The Basics – The Magnificent 7

2 systems- One heals, the other survives
Parasympathetic Nervous System Heals
Sympathetic Nervous System Survives : Fight or Flight System
One has nothing to do with the other
Ground Rules to health are like the “rules of the road” when driving a car –
Break the “rules of the road” and get a “ticket from the Health Police. The
“health police” is Mother Nature

The biggest Pharmaceutical Company in the world is “between your ears”
From the hypothalamus to the pituitary to the enzyme/hormone connections to the lymphocytes, macrophages, to Cancer Killers: All self created by the self healing mechanisms within the body

The key is feeling good, or even feeling just a little better.

If you ever see ANYONE in a state of joy, they are automatically more attractive! Fat, thin, tall, short, old, young, injured, uninjured: if they are in a state of joy, they will look more attractive!

The Magnificent 7
1. Breathe
2. Eat-well
3. Sleep
4. Good Posture
5. Good Thoughts
6. Touch and Be Touched
7. Tears – Cry or Laugh until you cry Actual Tears

Chapter 2 Rule #1 Breathe- Best Breather Wins

Short shallow breathing results in a short, shallow life
Long, deep, profound breathing results in a long, deep, profound life
Most complete natural breath begins with a complete EXHALATION
Most popular breathing game: 3 Part Breathing – Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, breathe out for 5 seconds, 5/5/5.
Or Choose whatever number is most comfortable for your current state of health, and then gradually increase to your tolerance.
Joseph Pilates revolutionized athletic breathing and core strengthening combined.
FREE videos on website & Youtube Channel : Jai Wiske Basic Pilates Exercises (ideal for the cancer survivor or bed bound patient).
Final word, oxygen kills cancer, (or more specifically cancer eats carbos NOT oxygen), breathe your way to a healthy body

Chapter 3 Rule #2 Eat – Well

There is not a single digestive organ in the human body designed for the eating of meat
Rather we are creatures originally designed for eating fruits, vegetables, nuts
Good Protein Sources: nuts, black beans with rice, avocados, eggs, fish

Chapter 4 Rule #3 Sleep

The body (particularly the muscles) ONLY grows when you are at rest
Heavy activity, for example lifting weights for exercise, breaks the body DOWN, similar to emptying the gas tank on a car.
When you rest/sleep the “gas tank of the body” gets bigger, known medically as the “Law of accommodation” (specifically Wolf’s Law of Accommodation).
Different amount of recovery (rest time) necessary after a max workout is based on your age:
24 hours if 24 years or younger
36 hours if 36 years old
48 hours if 48 years old
60 hours if 60 years old
72 hours if 72 years old

Many lifelong body builders will “Max out” one body part per week to allow for proper recovery time, while still enjoying their daily gym time.
Isaiah 40:31- They that wait upon the Lord Shall renew their Strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk, and not faint.

Chapter 5 Rule #4 Good Posture

A twisted electrical cord no longer properly conducts electricity.
Obvious ramifications of the universally “modern” and DEBILITATING forward head/forward shoulders posture INCLUDE:
1. Top ⅓ of the lungs is cut off/suffocated from available oxygen supply
2. Head weight of 10 pounds, once placed an inch forward of proper alignment causes 50 POUNDS of effective weight on the neck, upper shoulder muscles – which are originally DESIGNED TO HOLD ONLY 10 pounds.
3. The commonly injured rotator cuff is abnormally stretched forward resulting in the all too common rotator cuff strain (shoulder pain) common in humans generally, and in athletes particularly.
DE-EVOLUTION is the current forward head and shoulder lean encouraged by car driving, computer uses, smartphone use, ALL SEATED DESK WORK.
Original Evolution AND the ORIGINAL DESIGN of an UPRIGHT HUMAN allowed for cognitive awareness and improved health, movement, and survival.

Chapter 6 Good Thoughts – Extra Credit are Joyful Thoughts

Simply watching funny movies has been shown to improve health.
Well documented example of a woman with breast cancer who watched only comedy movies, and humorous shows that made her smile/laugh, while also daily and regularly repeating the affirmation : “Thank you for my healing”. She eliminated her breast cancer without the need of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or prescription medications.

Chapter 7 Touch and Be Touched

Touch Defined equals Healthy Touch with Permission. Touch/Be Touched = Both activate, that is: “turn on like turning on a light switch” the Healing – Parasympathetic Nervous System.
A joking example I often say to patients is “a dog or a cat is a better Physical Therapist than I am”.
Family (husband, wife, sister, brother, children, etc) and friends are better than a therapist.
1 minute, 3 x day is all you need to activate the healing system- anyone can immediately notice that they feel better using the simple “boxer’s rub” explained in this chapter.

Chapter 8 Tears – Laugh or Cry Tears Help Humans Heal

Tears shed by laughing or crying are the “Rocket Ship” to healing. Tears contain physical & emotional toxins.
Tears wash away emotional, mental, physical aches and pains similar to an “automobile flush with a tune up of a car” that immediately improves the car (or the body’s) performance.
Shedding tears is the fastest and most complete healing for return to previous levels of performance.

Chapter 9 Physical Therapy Rules

Movement helps EVERYTHING – skin, digestion, hair, teeth, brain, not to mention muscles, bones, heart, and lungs.
Pain free movement is essential or you will not repeat the movement.

3 keys to any exercise program:
1. Deep breathing
2. Comfortable PainFree movement
3. Your happiness is more important than your progress

Do not be fooled by the “no pain, no gain” advertisements based on a sports drink and a tennis shoe.
IF PAIN THEN NO GAIN is more accurate.
For any long term, life long gain it is better to remember it is a long journey of preferably small and pleasant steps

Chapter 10 Don’t Fall Down Rule

#1 Cause of accidental death Worldwide is from falls – any age
Every 19 seconds in the USA a person (any age) is treated in the ER/emergency room for a fall
Cancer patients (recovering from their cancer diagnoses and also the cancer treatments, particularly chemotherapy), are the most likely of all disease categories to fall down
Best exercise to prevent falls as we recover, and particularly for the elderly is dancing. Any side to side sway, forward/back mvmt, and step patterns of any basic partner dance such as salsa, waltz, cha cha, jitterbug, etc. will improve balance, endurance, overall strength, particularly leg strength, coordination, and sheer fun more than any other exercise.
Learning to dance can prevent falls, and it is fun, AND FREE.

Chapter 11 Ahimsa = The Hippocratic Oath

Ahimsa means to do no harm in thought, word, or deed. (which equals) Hippocratic Oath: First do no harm.                                          Any Non violent action promotes the healing system (Parasympathetic System).
Any violent action promotes the Non healing system (Fight or flight Sympathetic Nervous System).                                                        Godlike qualities listed in the Bhagavad Gita: Absence of wrath, Absence of fault finding.
Greatest practitioner of Ahimsa/The Hippocratic Oath (and the greatest pound for pound “fighter” in modern history is Mahatma Gandhi – 5 feet 2 inches tall, 105 pounds. He KO’d Great Britain, with all it’s available modern military might without ever throwing a punch.

Chapter 12 Parents Rule – My Dad – Always Do Your Best
(mistakes of sloth versus mistakes of ambition)

My Mom – It is Better to Try and Fail, than to never Try at all. (You will never know unless you try)
One source of all life…Divine Mother – Kali, Mother Nature
Man can only find truth by taking action, but it must be his own action…Better one’s own act though imperfectly performed, than the act of another well performed. It is that act which has the greatest power that has no concern for rewards of action.
Krishna quote: “Get away from my ocean of suffering, misery, and death.”
Keep your mind on the goal of a better life.
Seek Self improvement – do not try to change the world, Change YourSelf
Patanjali: Practice the study of your Chosen Divinity.

Chapter 13 Shiva Rule – Satguru Sivaya Subramuniya Swami

Chapter: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniya Swami:”The greatest honor of my Physical Therapy career is to have been his therapist.”
Be a Great Warrior:
Satguru Sivaya Subramuniya Swami Intro.includes Specific Addendum regarding
Satguru Sivaya Subramuniya Swami and the San Margan Iravain Temple in Kauai, Hawaii.
No one will help you – Affirm “Every experience represents the next step in my learning development and I have the strength and intelligence to adapt and overcome all obstacles to reach my goal”
Olympic athletes are the example: They work 4 years toward the goal, most with little fame or financial gain. They strive for the love of what they are doing.
Your happiness is more important than your progress – if you are enjoying the process you are assured of eventual gains.
“Long journey, small steps” to accomplish any worthwhile goal.
“P cubed”: Be Polite, and Persistent about all things Personally important to you.

Chapter 14 Kali Rule – Be Grateful

Thank God for Mother Nature -The Aspect of God as Mother Nature is called Kali.
Just as the West says Mother Nature – The East/India says Kali.
Just as I like to say “One God Many Names” – Similarly “One Mother Nature” Many Names.
An Old Hindu Proverb states you can achieve Heaven simply by saying “Thank You” for all experiences.
Armenian for thank you is pronounced “Schanor Ha Kali Tune” phonetically.
It is healthy to be thankful and grateful for whatever you may have- even if it is a cancer diagnosis.
Remember whatever the circumstance, it could always be worse, and it is good to take note of those who have more difficulties than yourself.
A good example is from the Free Episode on Amazon Prime of the Soccer Series, Episode #1 recording the country of Rwanda in Africa and the Liverpool Fan Club there. These survivors of civil war, genocide, and brother killing brother, reunite themselves and their country through the healing of playing soccer together. Truly inspiring to any human experiencing hardships of their own.

Chapter 15 Buddha Rule

Be like a musical string- not too tight, not too loose
Be not concerned with what you cannot change
True freedom is knowing that you are safe in the bosom of God/Tao/Universal Law/Divine Mother
Our job is to have strength and carry on (preferably with a smile).
After 7 years of the greatest recorded hardships and self renunciation in history, Buddha teaches the basic truths: Suffering exists, Suffering is caused by desire, Liberation exists, Liberation can be found through desirelessness. Further there is bad in the world, there is also good in the world. Buddha says choose the middle path, I say choose what is good.
Specific to cancer patients – with all this suffering there is still good in the world and good to be found in each experience.
Krishna says: “Go forward NON-attached to my delusive cosmic dream universes”. “Get away from my ocean of suffering and misery and death”.
“Blissful Divine Detachment to Unreal Dream Plays”
View it all as an “Entertainment,” Maya means play.

Chapter 16 Swami Sri Yukteswarji Rules

Whatever causes you to be in less harmony, less peaceful, less breathing,
less content you must AVOID as if it is POISON
Whatever causes you to have more harmony, more peace, deeper
breathing, more contentment is to be regarded as if it is DIVINE.
Be aware of your own joy in life and what circumstances, people, practices,
places inspire this. ALWAYS use this sense of inward joy as your sign post to better health
Gravitate toward people, places, actions, that you love
Remember we are eternal souls TEMPORARILY inhabiting a material body

Chapter 17 Yogananda Rule –
Seek Happiness By Making Others Happy

Prayer by Parmahansa Yogananda:
“May Thy love shine forever on the sanctuary of my devotion
And may I be able to awaken Thy love in all hearts”
This prayer encompasses the same message as Jesus Christ – Love God, and Love Thy Neighbor.
These are the 2 essential laws at the foundation of All Religions
My “Very Personal Road to Recovery” – I endorse and recommend the following:

Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
1. “Autobiography of a Yogi”
2. The Energization Exercises – saved my life, and restored my health
3. The Lessons
All Available through:
If you wish to achieve the goal of Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body, then
begin with what is listed above,

Chapter 18 Krishna Special

In my early 20’s, I read “The Bhagavad Gita” (Title means “As It Is”) and Bhagavan Krishna, known as the “Heart Stealer” (Hari Krishna), literally stole my heart.
My love for his endearing and enduring child like qualities spoke to the childlike wonder I still retain for words such as Eternal, Love, God, Joy
Fantastic 5: Pandavas, Chakras, Health Rules

1. Coccyx nerve plexus – 1st Chakra- Foundation – Oxygen – Breathe
2. Sacral nerve plexus – 2nd Chakra- Creativity – Physical Movement – More Oxygen, example – Dance
3. Lumbar nerve plexus – 3rd Chakra – WillPower – Eat Well – Most
important exercise, push yourself away from the dinner table, also the most difficult- requires will power. Note that right exercise and right eating will solve most people’s health problems.
4. Heart -dorsal nerve plexus – 4th Chakra – Good Thoughts – Love Felt
5. Throat cervical nerve plexus – 5th Chakra – Joyful Thoughts – Love Expressed
Take home messages: We are eternal souls in this temporary body in this temporary (delusive) creation.
Take up the goal of a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.
Practice the Study of your chosen divinity.
The tools are free as daylight to all who will receive.

Chapter 19 Jesus Rule

Jesus came to teach the 2 basic foundational Laws of All Religions:
1. Love God
2. Love thy Neighbor
The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
My Father, 30 years military/Air Force/WW2, Korea, Vietnam/Lifetime
Catholic, Sunday Usher, married to wife for 66 years prior to passing-ABSOLUTELY taught me the Golden Rule.
These 2 rules exactly the same as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda in his preeminent prayer: May Thy Love Shine Forever on the Sanctuary of My Devotion and May I Be Able to Awaken Thy Love in All Hearts”
Love thy Neighbor is the key to healthy human interaction.
Krishna Prayer: Be good and kind to every single living being
Place: 2 Poems at end of this chapter/end of the book

1. Poem #1 -”I did it”- heard recited by Brother Brahmananda when he spoke at Hollywood Temple, 2019?
2. Poem #2 – “Smile no matter what”- heard recited by Brother
(Hollywood Temple), this brother led the silent retreat June 30, 2019 at Lake Shrine

Chapter 20 Song of the Prophets

God must smile every time he sends a Prophet to earth.
God must frown every time we ignore the Prophet sent.                                                                                                                                         

Special Thanks and Gratitude for Sue Weiske and the Weiske family
Memory of my Dad-“Sarge”/Lou, Mom-Louise, Lisa, Bob, Lynne, Jenny
My friends Dr. George Talbot, RN Diane Talbot
My Physician Dr. John Kaufmann