Free Cancer Care

Free Cancer Care — Chapter One

A Very Personal (and Universal) Road to Recovery
— By Jai Louis Wiske

To begin, I do not request an audience. I simply request that you listen to yourSelf.  “Self” with a capital S means the best that lies within you, the highest expression of your heart, mind, and spirit.

Dedicated to Paramahansa Yogananda
Author of “The Autobiography of a Yogi,” the Energization Exercises, and the Lessons–all available through:
The Self Realization Fellowship.

Chapter 1 – The Magnificent 7

My name is Jai Louis Wiske, Physical Therapist. My work biography is on an enclosed page. My medical history particularly in 2017 – 2018 is as follows.

  1. Lymphoma – Non Hodgkins diffuse B cell
  2. Kidney failure
  3. Liver failure
  4. Heart failure
  5. Blood failure: nadir due to chemotherapy. Less than life sustaining levels for hemoglobin, platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells, etc.
  6. Blood pressure 200/100 for 7 days consecutively
  7. Left eye s/p transient ischemic attack distorting vision, and functionally “blind”.
  8. 175 pounds due to chemotherapy, dialyses – 40 lb weight gain in 1 day. Normal weight is 135 pounds.
  9. 95 pounds due to inability to swallow food and most liquids
  10. Lost ALL hair on entire body (except eyebrows)
  11. Mucositis 3 separate times s/p chemotherapy each lasting 2-3 weeks with inability to swallow, void bowels or bladder without excruciating pain
  12. Sensation of prolonged suffocation due to chemotherapy. Each gasp felt like my last. This lasted for over a month
  13. Cognitive impairments due to chemotherapy with inability to do simple tasks like writing, reading, any manual tasks, remembering even basic information

I am the author of this handbook for cancer survivors. It includes free methods of healing. The way human beings have always healed and I believe the way humans will always heal.

This handbook is not perfect, as I am not perfect. It is honest and truthful regarding my experience healing from Lymphoma, and also my experience practicing health care for 30 years. Due to 3 months of chemotherapy, I admittedly have a major side effect of this treatment. Specifically referred to as “cognitive impairments due to chemotherapy”. Problems with memory, word finding, basic thought construction, and basic tasks are all issues I face daily now. My imperfect solution is to take notes. I make notes to brush my teeth, eat, buy the necessities of life, remember patient’s names and details that allow me to return to the highly demanding medical work of a licensed Physical Therapist…and I make notes on thoughts that are important to me. Ideas that help me manage my life when it often seems unmanageable. That is how I wrote this handbook. All the errors, all the mistakes, all the misremembered and forgotten parts of my life are included. In short, I and this handbook are a “failure in progress,” so please accept my apologies if you are looking for a completely accurate research of the topic at hand – cancer healing.

What you have here is what I believe and How I have healed to this point. Virtually everything suggested is free. AND easy, AND pain free.

Nothing New Here – I expect most of what I write in this Handbook you already know; and likely do NOT practice. 100 years from now people will read this information and laugh. They will likely say disbelieving: “That was considered valuable information?” Well, I agree with the future. What I offer here is not valuable, it is FREE.

Reading words, or listening to talks, is like reading recipes. It is only satisfying after we eat. Practice, actual practice of a few of these free ways to heal will help you feel better.  If you feel even a little better then repeat the ones you like. That is how I healed. This is what I still do today.  Life is a never ending opportunity to heal. Why not give it a try? It’s free.

First, in all things, remember: If Pain, Then No Gain. Start with how you feel now and make certain you do not make yourself feel worse. I personally believe in doing alot of a little. By a little, I mean those practices that are NOT difficult, always available, and free.  These natural practices require virtually no effort, AND NO PAIN.

The Ground Rules:

The ground rules for the game of health are like the ground rules for driving your car on the road. If you break the rules of the road, you will eventually receive a ticket – and this ticket comes from Mother Nature. As the saying goes, you can’t fool Mother Nature. These all natural rules/requirements are called the “Magnificent 7” and they are:

  • Breathing well
  • Sleeping naturally
  • Eating well
  • Proper posture
  • Good thoughts
  • Touching and being touched
  • Cry, or laugh until you cry, Tears

A Must Know – Your Body is a SELF HEALING MECHANISM

This leads to the most important concept in human healing. The human body is a Self Healing Mechanism. From cuts to concussions the idea of  rest in order to recover, and non injury to yourself, are as old and older than Hippocrates. Hippocrates (as in the Hippocratic Oath) is considered the Father of Western Medicine. The Hippocratic Oath is founded on the statement: FIRST DO NO HARM.  Historically, this ancient Greek doctor would take patients to his open air estate, feed them well, have them take long walks in the open air and sunshine, and insist they rest without reinjury, and MIRACULOUSLY they would all heal.

A Must Know – The world’s biggest and best pharmaceutical company is located between your ears. From the hypothalamus to the pituitary gland to the production of enzymes attaching to hormones in the production of lymphocytes, macrophages, disease busters and cancer killers, start to finish is a grand self production self engineered by the healthy human. The human body is universally similar sharing the SAME basic anatomy and biology – that is what makes us one species. All humans are composed of 2 basic systems.

The first system is called the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). This system allows for all healing. If the Parasympathetic Nervous System is not running properly, the body Will Not Heal. The second system is called the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). This is the survival system, the “fight or flight” system. It has absolutely nothing to do with healing. In every living creature on planet earth this system is built in to insure the survival of the species. This system helps you survive, it does NOT help you heal. Further, it is activated by pain and fear.

If you are currently undergoing cancer treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, prescription drugs), then your body is operating in the survival- Sympathetic Nervous System. Do your best to Endure and Survive your cancer treatments. Once you are secure in the survival of your body, then become your own best friend and live as much as possible in the healing Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Parasympathetic Nervous System.

How to live in the Parasympathetic Nervous System? The PNS is activated by the Magnificent 7. Eat, sleep, breathe, good posture, good thoughts, touch/be touched, tears (laugh or cry). USEFUL TIP – Feeling good is the key. Feeling Good is the free, and favorite characteristic of the Healing System. Feeling good, or even feeling “a little better” is the Key Sign Post reassuring you that you are operating in the Healing/Parasympathetic Nervous System. The beauty of healing is that it was never intended to hurt, or to cost a ton of money. If you are in pain, then you are not healing, it is that simple. If you feel even a little better then build on that. Why do some patients, athletes, people get better while others do not? I have always said it is a matter of TIME, and time only. Once the wheels of proper diet, exercise, posture, breathing, begin to start rolling, it is inevitable that the “body car” will roll in the right direction. I believe the laws of healing are black and white. If you obey the laws, then you will heal. Nonetheless, we all live, we all eventually die. If the practice of proper healing is started late in the game, the “horn” (in this case Gabriel’s horn) of death will end the game. But, as in any game, the fun is in the playing – and why not try and feel good along the way? Or to put it another way, if you are truly enjoying ANY activity, then what matters the result?

The key to success in any game is learning. Learn to listen to yourSelf. That is why I begin this book by clearly stating: I do not request an audience, I simply request that you listen to yourSelf. The self written here with a capital S for Self. This refers to your highest Self, the best that exists within each of us. Each one of us is unique. The best version of yourSelf can only be chosen, and constructed, by you. The second half of this Handbook is filled with my self chosen best examples to follow. Those great souls that inspire me to improve. I recommend you create your own list of heroes and role models. The game of health must include physical, mental, and spiritual improvement. The role models you choose will exemplify the best in health, mind, and spirit. I unabashedly admire the greatest athletes (Olympians and fighters), the greatest minds (Einstein and Isaac Newton), the greatest spiritual souls (Jesus and Krishna). My favorite statement is by Patanjali, the foremost exponent of Yoga. Patanjali speaks to all humans of all ages when he says “Practice the study of your chosen Divinity”. I particularly admire and dedicate this handbook to Paramahansa Yogananda and I recommend you skip this handbook and read “The Autobiography of a Yogi” written by Paramahansa Yogananda.  Yogananda is also the author of the “Energization Exercises” which I practiced twice daily throughout my recovery, and continue to this day. The “Energization Exercises” recharge the body, mind, and spirit. They require only 15 minutes and are easy to perform. They are accessible to anyone in virtually any condition of health. See my web page or go to for the book or “The Lessons” which contain the “Energization Exercises”. As with any achievement in life or sport’s training, excellence comes with practice. Age, race, religion, gender, or politics do not matter. Practice matters. The rules for healing are universal, and like daylight, free to all who will receive. Choose your highest goal, your highest example, your highest Self, then practice.

This small handbook attests to my respect and admiration for all humans and the universal ways in which we can heal. It also attests to my respect and admiration for all the Great Ones. Prophets, heroes, athletes, and all cancer survivors. Their examples, male or female, are those I choose to follow. The journey to healing in body, mind, and spirit is yours (and mine) to make. The sign post is FEELING BETTER, if only a little. As in the beginning it shall be in the end. So here, as I stated in the beginning of this chapter, I write again.

The Ground Rules:

The ground rules for the game of health are like the ground rules for driving your car on the road. If you break the rules of the road, you will receive a ticket – and this ticket comes from Mother Nature. Further, like reading a recipe these basic ingredients for health are only enjoyed when “eaten”, that is “Practiced”!

These all natural rules/requirements are called the “Magnificent 7” and they are:

  • Breathing well
  • Sleeping naturally
  • Eating well
  • Proper posture
  • Good thoughts
  • Touching and being touched
  • Tears – Cry, or laugh until you cry

The health choices will never change. We all choose freely. Choose the goal of a healthy mind (and spirit) in a healthy body. The power of change is, always has been, and always will be, within ourselves. Look to that. It is truly free.